Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Source2

The next night, the solar lamps continued to be dark...I was mystified!  There were no I began to investigate.  As I took the top piece apart. I found that there was a tab of paper preventing a "connection" between the energy source and the light.

So, sin...

The solar lamps are shining bright tonight!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Opposites Attract

When my daughter was three years old, I was introduced to the Personalities.  Such a refreshing simplicity!  My was I trying to "parent" her for one personality, when in fact, she was exactly the opposite! 

 When her sister came along...what an awakening, that was an opposite! 

But did they ever enhance one another!

The Source

I had purchased some solar lamps for the walkway outside. So tonight I placed them outside after dark (the only time I had to do so).

At this point, passerbyers would say they don't work.

You and I know...they haven't had opportunity to be connected to the Source of Light...

A Lesson Learned

I was very close to my grandfather who died of lung cancer. I was eleven at the time of his death.

He had two lakes on his property. One day, as he was walking with me, I stepped close to the edge of the water. He quickly said, "there are some bugs that will get all over you, right there."
I quickly stepped back.

Years had passed and I was married and visiting my father and mother who had bought my grandfather's home and land. My daddy and I were walking around the lakes, so similar to the day I walked it, as a child, with my grandfather.

I asked, "Dad, what kind of bugs were near the water?" He looked at me with a grin and said, "Why do you ask?" Eyeing him, I replied, "Because PaPaw told me as a little girl that I had to stay away from that (pointing) place right there because of this unique bug." As those words left my lips I knew...I had learned a lesson...

There were no bugs...but there was a wise grandfather who knew he had a very curious granddaughter and he knew that he would not be around long to watch over me. So he gave me a life lesson...

Stay away from the water...

I love my grandfather...and my dad...

Grief Lesson #3

Presently, I work with a gal whose name is exactly matched to the name of my deceased friend's daughter. Each day I am reminded to lift my dear friend's family up in prayer.

She has been gone fourteen years.

I continue to heal...

Grief Lesson #2

At a second job, after our move, I walked into a teaching position. On the very front row, there was a student who could have been a twin to my lost friend's daughter. I had held my friend's daughter while who stepfather came to share the news of the fatal accident of her mother. The seventeen year old had so much to walk through...alone...

It was as if our incredible Heavenly Father was ushering me to constantly lift my friend's daughter up in prayer.

Continuing to press the need to have a healthy grief healing...

Grief Lesson #1

In the days after losing a very close friend, I was looking forward to our move. a welcomed relief, actually. By moving two states away, I could forget the loss. It just hurt too much.

That is not what happened. At every turn there was someone that reminded me of my dear friend. Similar names with maybe two letters off, etc. For example, Dianne Witt and Dianne DeWitt

It was before me to have a healthy healing. To accept what I could not change and to move on...

Hold You

When our oldest was little...she would hold her hands up to us and want to be held...

We would ask, "do you want me to hold up?"

The pattern was set...

When she wanted us to hold her...she would say, "hold you, hold you."

As first time parents, we learned a great deal!

A Hectic Day

Have you ever noticed, when you don't have time for something else to happen? It does???

What do you find yourself doing?

Personally, I just settle it, immediately. I identify that there is adversity in the midst of an already difficult situation and claim that...."this, too, shall pass."

False Positives

In my third pregnancy, I was older and "fell into the age group" to have the "tri-screen" test. You guessed it, I failed it. I found myself on the roller coaster ride that women face, when the results lead professionals to think there must be something wrong with the pregnancy. This was at my thirteenth week of pregnancy. My husband and I were advised to go upstairs in the hospital/clinic for counseling. The counseling was to assist us in the decision making process of continuing the pregnancy or not. Determined that the One who was the Creator could be the One who determined the health of our baby, my husband and I decided to go home without the counseling and to meet with The Counselor ourselves.

At full term, our son was born healthy. After several hours had passed from his birth, I finally asked someone to tell me, if I should be concerned for my son's life and informed them of my earlier report.

My questions were met with incredible disbelief that we had been taken down the road leading to such "crisis" thinking... Another false positive bit the dust...and we were very grateful!

I Heard You the First Time

With my first pregnancy, I was still working in our family owned hardware store where my husband's eighty-nine year old grandfather would sit behind the counter and continue the third generation personal service climate. Between customers in my third trimester, I would sit beside him while he rocked in his signature rocker. One particular day, he asked me, "how much do you weigh?" I replied in a whisper (I didn't care to broadcast the browsing customers), "164 pounds." And, he said (as if he couldn't hear me), "how much?" So...thinking that he was having trouble hearing and knowing that I would have to break the silence in the store in order for him to hear, (respectfully) I decided I would drop a few pounds and speak louder, replying, "143 pounds". With a twinkle in his eye he replied, "I heard you the first time." A great memory...I sure did love him.