Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Siesta Summer Bible Study

Looking forward to hearing from each of you!  I am very excited about Beth Moore's selection of Kelly Minter's Ruth study this summer.  With many gals having gone through this study in early spring at Clarke-Venable, it will be fantastic to hear the parallels and insights from those gals as well as the enlightenment of the gals that are seeing the study for the first time. 

Whatever your point of entrance on this journey...we are ALL in for a great ride!  Let's go, siestas!!

Blueberries and blessings!

Today I opened my door to a couple, who have been married 54 years in September.  They came bearing gifts...home-grown, hand-picked blueberries.  With the time approaching 2 p.m. and in the heat of the day, my first reaction was to offer each a glass of sweet tea. 

From there, a delightful time ensued...this couple began to share of their first meeting.  It seems that he was older than she and was on a GI initiative that gave him an opportunity to take night classes.  She and a girlfriend were taking a typing class...the only two girls in this particular class with these GIs.

On break he and she met...later he asked someone to ask for her name.  She wrote it on a piece of paper.  During that week, he tried to find her on two different occasions to no avail.

At the next class meeting, he asked her to the movies and they agreed that they should meet in a central location so he could "find" her.  One year later they married.

She says that she loves sharing...it took her only one class to get her degree...her MRS degree, that is.  54 years...and counting.  Blueberries and blessings...what a visit!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Maybe One Day

When the girls were young and very settled in what they knew as home, life was beginning to change as they knew it, surrounded by family and friends.  One particular day, I decided we needed some "girl time." 

Their daddy was involved in the transitioning process, and we were not quite ready to share the details with the girls.  One of the greatest babysitters in the world had dressed the girls alike (thank you, Jenn) and I was to pick them up and head to Mobile where we would each get our nails done (their idea...PLEASE, Mama).  As we arrived at the nail shop, it was obvious others had getting their nails done on their list; however, one sweety put us on the list, and asked us to come back a little while later.

Our next destination was Cracker Barrel, the girls loved that place.  It was such a busy day even in mid-afternoon.  The girls were playing checkers and "checking in" from time to time.  Because, our day had been flip-flopped, we were just up for desserts, but we spurged!! 

When, our order arrived...the girls joined me, and we did what we would always do...we bowed and asked God to bless it.  Yum...the sundaecakes/chocolate tasted delicious!!  The girls proceeded to play some more...it was very relaxing.

And, then, the strangest thing happened, I asked for our ticket.  And, the waitress said something that I will always cherish.  She said there is no ticket.  Someone saw you and your two girls praying, and it blessed their Christmas...so they paid it. 

What that person did not know.  I was very unsettled at that moment in my life.  I knew God had called my husband to ministry.  I knew he was struggling with call.  The possible sale of a third generation prosperous business, etc.  And, I knew, that disobedience was getting more costly, as each day passed.

I needed the reassurance that God knew where I was and He was still patient.  So to the person who was obedient that day to encourage through a gift...I hope to meet you...

Maybe One Day...

Dad and Cents

We had a family outing to the Bass Pro Shop recently, and as I was on the shooting range, there was a little tike next to me, who had obviously ran out of time/coins, etc. 

The priceless words I heard, "Dad, do you have any cents?"  There was no answer....louder and more pronounced, "Dad, DO YOU HAVE ANY CENTS? 

It was priceless. 

Kids say the most memorable things.