Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blueberries and blessings!

Today I opened my door to a couple, who have been married 54 years in September.  They came bearing gifts...home-grown, hand-picked blueberries.  With the time approaching 2 p.m. and in the heat of the day, my first reaction was to offer each a glass of sweet tea. 

From there, a delightful time ensued...this couple began to share of their first meeting.  It seems that he was older than she and was on a GI initiative that gave him an opportunity to take night classes.  She and a girlfriend were taking a typing class...the only two girls in this particular class with these GIs.

On break he and she met...later he asked someone to ask for her name.  She wrote it on a piece of paper.  During that week, he tried to find her on two different occasions to no avail.

At the next class meeting, he asked her to the movies and they agreed that they should meet in a central location so he could "find" her.  One year later they married.

She says that she loves sharing...it took her only one class to get her degree...her MRS degree, that is.  54 years...and counting.  Blueberries and blessings...what a visit!!

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