Monday, February 8, 2010

Maybe One Day

When the girls were young and very settled in what they knew as home, life was beginning to change as they knew it, surrounded by family and friends.  One particular day, I decided we needed some "girl time." 

Their daddy was involved in the transitioning process, and we were not quite ready to share the details with the girls.  One of the greatest babysitters in the world had dressed the girls alike (thank you, Jenn) and I was to pick them up and head to Mobile where we would each get our nails done (their idea...PLEASE, Mama).  As we arrived at the nail shop, it was obvious others had getting their nails done on their list; however, one sweety put us on the list, and asked us to come back a little while later.

Our next destination was Cracker Barrel, the girls loved that place.  It was such a busy day even in mid-afternoon.  The girls were playing checkers and "checking in" from time to time.  Because, our day had been flip-flopped, we were just up for desserts, but we spurged!! 

When, our order arrived...the girls joined me, and we did what we would always do...we bowed and asked God to bless it.  Yum...the sundaecakes/chocolate tasted delicious!!  The girls proceeded to play some was very relaxing.

And, then, the strangest thing happened, I asked for our ticket.  And, the waitress said something that I will always cherish.  She said there is no ticket.  Someone saw you and your two girls praying, and it blessed their they paid it. 

What that person did not know.  I was very unsettled at that moment in my life.  I knew God had called my husband to ministry.  I knew he was struggling with call.  The possible sale of a third generation prosperous business, etc.  And, I knew, that disobedience was getting more costly, as each day passed.

I needed the reassurance that God knew where I was and He was still patient.  So to the person who was obedient that day to encourage through a gift...I hope to meet you...

Maybe One Day...

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